IdentifAI enables businesses to comply with EKYC framework. Our platform allows you to perform better verification process utilizing the power of AI


Minimize Fraud Risk

‍Enabling us to help businesses to verify their customer's data through cutting-edge Face-Matching  technology

Nodeflux is one of the operators of Dukcapil's "Platform Bersama"
(stated in Dukcapil Agreement No. 119/10842/DUKCAPIL)


Less Manual Process

Our platform enables you to reduce the drop-out-rate on customer registration by automating the data input and validation process

Dukcapil Validation

Dukcapil Validation is our flagship solution utilizing the power of Liveness Detection to verify fake or real customer's data through state-of-the-art Face-Matching process against National ID Database managed by DUKCAPIL.

Dukcapil has initiated the “Platform Bersama” enabling third party to have access to National ID Data for verification purposes, while there is no data being shared on the process, the platform allows third party institution that posses Cooperation Agreement with Dukcapil to get access to “Platform Bersama”. This is crucial as more and more financial activity is being carried out online.

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Credible Source of Identity Validation
Dukcapil manage around 190million National ID Data of Indonesians
Protect against Fake Identity
Verify your customer's facial attributes to Dukcapil's database
Reduce Drop Out Rate
Prevent dropout and failed registration due to long approval time.
Ranked Top 30th Percentile
FRVT 1:1 Wild Dataset

Industry-leading Benchmark

99.83% of Face Matching Accuracy
Labelled Faces in the Wild (LFW) dataset
96.48% of Face Liveness Check Accuracy
Large Crowd Collected Facial Anti-Spoofing Dataset (LCC-FASD)
83.85% OCR Accuracy
OCR National ID Data, benchmarked against local competitor


  • Nodeflux is one of the operators of 'Platform Bersama' thanks to our Cooperation Agreement with Dukcapil

  • Nodeflux is a proud member of Indonesia Fintech Association (AFTECH) on the "Technology Enabler" category

  • ISO 27001:2013 on Information Security Management System for the scope of Vision Artificial intelligence, Face Recognition & Face Search


  • Nodeflux topped 30th position on the NIST list on FRVT 1:1 Wild Dataset in NIST Leaderboard

  • The first Indonesian company to be a member of NVIDIA Metropolis Software Partner Program


1. Take a selfie
Take a selfie or available face photo to be checked
2. Upload Data
Add face photo and NIK (Indonesian Citizen Number) data to IdentifAI platform via API or Web interface
3. Face identity validation
Matching face photo to Dukcapil face data based on NIK
4. Similarity Result
Percentage (%) of similarity level between face photo and Dukcapil face data that can be proceed further to verification


AI algorithm to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract ID Card attributes, automate personal data input including capture ID photo for matching process.

Liveness Detection

Our liveness detection technology allows you to perform spoofing check in order to ensure the presence of users and to avoid fraudulent activities.


IdentifAI fulfil your business need delivered by some of Indonesia's brightest workforces

  • Fast Identification Process

    Rapidly process, detect, and identify face to a database in ~ 0.5 second.

  • Tolerance to Face Posture

    Assures to correctly recognize a face with a particular condition like tilted, nodded, aged, and minor attributes.

  • Accuracy

    Nodeflux face recognition achieves 99.83% accuracy using Labelled Faces in the Wild (LFW) dataset.

  • Attribute Detection Robustness

    Superior capability of different appearance, robust in detection of some attributes such as hijab.

IdentifAI delivers EKYC solution utilizing cutting-edge AI technology for your business. Our online EKYC platform helps your business through the process of recognition, verification and validation of your customer through state-of-the-art face recognition (FR) technology to protect customer's registration data, and prevent fraud. Thanks to our cooperation agreement with Dukcapil (Data Kepedudukan dan Catatan Sipil) Kemendagri, financial services such as Banks, fintech and other in Jakarta or another part of Indonesia can validate their customer's data seamlessly.


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About IdentifAI

IdentifAI is one of Nodeflux product lines that strives to deliver AI-based solutions for better electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) process.