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Face Liveness Detection

Verify the human presence or inanimate objects. IdentifAI Face Liveness Fraud Detection System is a machine learning technology to give recommendation accept real human presence and reject spoof objects, especially inanimate objects that resembles a face such as replay video, mask, or printed photos to minimize fraud risks.

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Detecting Spoof Component

Examine the type of spoof artifact such as image from printed photo, replay video and mask.

Capable for Detecting
Low Quality Image

Low-quality image detection: Review the image quality input from the selfie to minimize rejection error

Gesture Identification

Gesture Identification (Checking the human presence by following the instruction and analyzing face landmark for each gesture)

Active & Passive Combination (SDK Deployment)

Face Liveness  Detection -Active & Passive Combination (SDK Deployment).png

Hold for 3 seconds to capture the image

Verifying image

Image Verification

result sent to
the user

Cloud API performs passive liveness check

On the SDK mobile, it performs active liveness check

Checking activities: The user needs to follow 3 pose instructions within 10s. If this step takes more than 10s, it will return to the beginning, which will ask the user to verify their face detection. If the system finds two different faces on a sequence, the process will be repeated.

Passive Liveness check process:

Spoof component identification

Verify parametric liveness score

Try our Nodeflux Face Liveness demo apps

Try Nodeflux Face Liveness Demo Apps for iPhone
Try our Nodeflux Face Liveness Demo Apps for Android.png

Passive Liveness (API Deployment)

Image sent to
Nodeflux passive liveness API

result sent to the user

Image Verification

Passive Liveness (API Deployment).png

Prevent Fraud Potential

Our Face Liveness detection can capture the spoofed image, and ensure the presence of real person who do registration. The system classify the likely spoof object with obvious characteristic to be rejected.

Face Liveness Detection - Prevent Fraud Potential.png
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