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Optical Character Recognition

AI algorithm to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract ID Card attributes, automate personal data input including capture ID photo for matching process.

Extract Data Information

Nodeflux OCR KTP is designed for information data  extraction on KTP to reduce manual input during registration.

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Intelligent Correction

Enable template matching for
data correction.

Capable for Detecting
Low Quality Image

Check the image quality input from the selfie to minimize wrong rejection

Structured converting

Extracting each information on KTP by structured json output

How it Works

OCR - Image 3.png

Customer takes
ID photo

KTP Alignment

Image Quality

Data Recognition & Extraction

Extracted data for replacing manual input

Combined with data verification or face verification

OCR - Image 4.png

Better Data Extraction

Not only to capture important data, our OCR help you to organize the unstructured data to structured data which easy to be organized. AI-based algorithm applied to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for KTP ID attributes extraction, to automate data input and capture ID photo for matching process.

Less Manual Process

Integrate our OCR KTP will help you organize the registration data, and minimize the imanual input process. Our OCR designed with informed AI to recognize the pattern of character to be mapped with specific defined ID information data.

OCR - Image 5.png
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