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Use of Video Identification on KYC in Indonesia

Penggunaan Video Identification pada KYC di Indonesia

The Identification and Verification process is now faster and more effective than ever before. Where already using video and internet connection as the medium. This process can be called Video Identification.

What is Video Identification?

Currently, many call it Video Identification as Video KYC or Video Verification, which is a process of legitimizing and verifying a person's identity quickly, conveniently and very securely online. This process requires a camera device on a computer, smartphone, tablet connected to the internet and an official identity document to perform Customer Onboarding.

How Video Identification Works

  1. Prospective customers fill out the form by accessing the website or application provided and selecting a schedule to perform Video Identification independently.

  2. Prospective customers make online video recordings for Customer Onboarding or customer introduction.

  3. The officer on duty will also conduct several interviews for data matching.

  4. The onboarding data and information will be combined with the results of officer interviews by AI and machine learning to be stored in the database.

Benefits of Video Identification

For Companies

By using Video Identification, changing the process that was initially difficult and allows fraud to occur so that it has the following advantages:

  • Reduce Fraud. Safe from data theft or falsification because it combines human surveillance with AI and machine learning which reduces the risk of fraud significantly.

  • Speed ​​up the Customer Onboarding Process. Help reduce operational costs for Customer Onboarding and increase efficiency.

  • KYC/AML. Performing KYC procedures via Video Call can help build trust and because you comply with strict regulations and policies.

For Customers

With Video Identification, the onboarding process will save customers time and also they can schedule KYC Onboarding according to their activities, so they have full control over the time and process.

What Is Video Identification Used For?

Video KYC in Indonesia has been widely used by financial services, ranging from banks, loan lenders, insurance and crypto. In addition, cellular providers and other businesses can also use this feature.

  • Financial Sector. Banks, financial institutions, insurance require Video Identification during the KYC process to prevent fraud and identity theft. With this they can protect the information security and privacy of customers thereby increasing trust.

  • Blockchain / Cryptocurrency Platform Provider. Use this system to identify videos to maintain security and trust.

  • Cellular Providers. Customer identification is needed in order to prevent SIM SWAPs which have an impact on social account or credit card break-ins and others, where the verification process requires an OTP code that is sent to a cellular number.

  • Customer Experience. Smooth, comfortable and easy identification and verification processes make the customer experience enjoyable.

How Does IdentifAI's Video Verification Technology Work?

Our service performs a search for the presence of humans or inanimate objects. IdentifAI Video Verification has been applied to Face Liveness Detection. Face Liveness Detection is a machine learning technology to provide recommendations for accepting real human presence and rejecting spoofed objects, especially inanimate objects that resemble faces such as video replays, masks, or printed photos to minimize the risk of fraud. When using it, customers only stream live videos or upload videos easily.

How about Passive Liveness Check Flow?

To evaluate spoof checks, our system will perform three general processes, namely:

  1. Face appearance check: In this section, we ensure that the face frame size is in accordance with the provisions, that the inputted video contains a face object (face detection), the correct face position (face pose), and the face object is not blocked by other objects (face occlusion).

  2. Video quality rating check: checks certain good quality videos on specified variables, such as Brightness level; Highlight, Exposure Level, Sharpness Level (Blur or not), and Contrast.

  3. Spoof component check: Check the spoof component on artifact, deformation, and spoof edge characteristics to check the liveliness score.

Free Consultation for Your Needs

Video Identification is one way of learning a KYC system available at IdentifAI. This technology is very useful for reducing fraud, accelerating the customer onboarding process and increasing the trust of customers and prospective customers. Consult your needs with IdentifAI now! FREE!

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