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Customer Onboarding For Business Needs

Customer Onboarding Untuk Kebutuhan Bisnis

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In business, introducing the products and services offered to potential customers is a must to increase sales, this is done to provide the best service to customers. A process wherein introducing customers to products or services, getting solutions, and making transactions easy to after sales service.

Know What is Customer Onboarding?

As previously mentioned, the notion of customer onboarding is a process or activity to introduce customer-oriented customers to the company's business, products or services.

Example of Customer Onboarding

There are many examples of Customer Onboarding that often appear in our daily lives, here are the most common forms of Customer Onboarding:

  • Registration form

As a process of identifying potential customers, filling out a registration form is the initial process in the usual customer journey.

  • Tutorial on using products and services

Customer Onboarding is not only to introduce products to customers, but also as a process of identifying or recognizing consumers which is commonly known as Know Your Customer or KYC.

Various Types of Customer Onboarding

There are so many kinds of businesses and industries that have implemented to help reduce the level of customer retention so that not many customers stop using the product or service. The following are forms of customer onboarding that are commonly found in Indonesia:

On-site Onboarding

In On-site Onboarding, prospective customers come to the office and show Physical Identity such as KTP, SIM or Passport to be recorded into the database.

This process is like when a customer comes to the bank to open an account, fill out the form and complete the required documents, then the bank officer will enter the information into the database through the available system.

Semi-on-site Onboarding

Is a combination of On-site Onboarding Digital Onboarding (Hybrid). This process allows prospective customers to fill out registration forms anywhere, but must come to the office or service location for the identification process.

Digital Onboarding

Prospective customers no longer need to come to the office or service location, they can access the internet through the website or application provided for onboarding (registration and identification) without having to come directly to the office. So that it has the benefit of increasing the impression of a fast and efficient service.

Building Trust Through Customer Data Security

Data security is the company's success in increasing customer trust. Customer data that has been generated from the Onboarding process such as Video Identification, Photos, Digital Signatures and other data must be stored with good security and can be accessed easily when needed in the data processing, identification and other verification processes.

Customer Orientation using Digital Onboarding from IdentifAI has a reliable security system. IdentifAI through Nodeflux is a member of Indonesia Fintech (AFTECH) in the "Technology Enabler" category, besides that we have NIST certification or XAI Implementation in passive liveness, as well as ISO 27001 for Information Security Management Systems so that your business should not hesitate to choose us. Consult your customer onboarding needs with identifAI!

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