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Fraud Detection System for Sustainable Businesses in Indonesia

Utilizing the AI and Machine Learning to Stop Fraud Signup, Scam User, and a high risk in transaction in a safe environment customer journey

We Help Businesses to Manage Risk In Digital Tranformation Era

IdentifAI's fraud detection systems are optimize to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. We identify patterns of behavior that may indicate fraud, and to alert the appropriate authorities so that they can investigate the situation in a realtime. Our Fraud detection systems can be used in a variety of scenario, including financial institutions, online businesses, and government agencies.

Our machine learning based eKYC solution helps businesses ensure compliance with customer due diligence requirements. The platform provides powerful capabilities that help businesses meet their accountability obligations.

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How IdentifAI Help Business to do
fraud detection and prevention?


Face Search Solution

Vision Artificial Intelligence Analytics Software provides high accuracy of searching and pattern recognition with a 1:N search mechanism.


Using Deep Learning Algorithm to enhance the accuracy of facial inferencing, Nodeflux Face Recognition uses a deep learning algorithm to improve the accuracy of facial inferencing.


This algorithm automatically detects facial features and segment them into known and unknown persons. The results are displayed as a similarity percentage between the received picture and the pictures in the databases.

Face Match Enrollment

Our technology are able to matching similarity between selfies with 99.67% accuracy in different age condition.

Face search and face matching are two different but related technologies that are often used together.

Face search is the process of finding images that contain a specific face, while face matching is the process of comparing two faces to see if they are the same person. Face search can be used to find pictures of a person, while face matching can be used to verify the identity of a person.

With the integration between IdentifAI and "Platform Bersama", Our system would be able to detect fraud risks in real-time by using a face photo instead of sensitive personal information such as national ID card number, name, or a phone number. The core workflow of this product contains matching submitted face photos against database face images with identity fraud history. The product offers high reliability and efficiency due to its unique advantage in the market.

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Face Liveness Detection Technology

Verify the human presence or inanimate objects by today. IdentifAI Face Liveness Detection is a machine learning technology to give recommendation accept real human presence and reject spoof objects, especially inanimate objects that resembles a face such as replay video, mask, or printed photos to minimize fraud risks.

How Passive liveness Check Flow ?


In order to evaluate the spoof check, our system will perform three general processes, there are:

  1. Face appearance check: In this part, We ensure that the face frame size is at least 300x300 pixels, that the input image contains a face object (face detection), that the face is positioned correctly (face pose), and that the face object is not obstructed by other objects (face occlusion).

  2. Image quality assessment check: Image Quality Assessment: checking certain good quality images on defined variables, such as Brightness level; Spotlight, Exposed level, Sharpness level (Blur or not), and Contrast.

  3. Spoof component check: Checking spoof component on the characteristic of artifact, deformation, and the spoof edge to check the liveness score

ID DATA Extraction through OCR Solution

IdentifAI's The OCR solution is a data extraction tool that can be used to read text from images and convert it into machine-readable text. Our current engine, now will be able to extract ID Card attributes, automate personal data input including capture ID photo for matching process.

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Data Demography Validation

A solution product from Nodeflux that is oriented towards validating individual identities from EKTP demographic data directly to the source of Population and Civil Registration Data ("Dukcapil"), Ministry of Home Affairs.

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Stop Fraud Before It Happens, Let's Discuss

We love to discuss on how our fraud prevention systems (with other products and services) can help your business to achieve a secure and safe environment for sustainable growth. Get Your Demo Completely Free !

Fraud Detection Techniques at IdentifAI

We do various type of technique from Rule based system to utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms. IdentifAI's Face Liveness Detection is a machine learning technology that can distinguish between real human presence and spoof objects, such as replay video, mask, or printed photos, in order to minimize fraud risks.


Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology could extract ID Card attributes, automate personal data input including capture ID photo for verification process.


Nodeflux is also one of the operators of Dukcapil's "Platform Bersama" (stated in Dukcapil Agreement No. 119/10842/DUKCAPIL) to validate the facial biometric identity of an individual through the National ID Database (Dukcapil).


The trust agreement with Indonesia's Ministry of Home Affairs who oversees the National ID Database is one of the proof that we're one of trusted business in this industry.


We're happy to discuss with you on topics related to fraud detection software, financial transaction, identity verification and more.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Fraud Prevention or Fraud Detection ?

Fraud detection is the process of identifying suspicious activity.

There are many ways to detect fraud, but some common methods include reviewing transaction history, looking for patterns of behavior that may be indicative of fraud, and using data analytics to identify outliers.

Do you offer DEMO for Proof of Concept?

Yes, please contact us for demo and consultation, any business that require reliable liveness detection solution are welcome to apply, let's get in touch!

What type of Fraud do you support ?

By utilizing artificial intelligence, our detection techniques can do a real-time monitoring to detect various type of fraud including

  • financial fraud or fraudulent transaction

  • identity fraud or identity theft

Features and Benefits

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Cashless Payment

Verify your customer's facial attributes to Dukcapil's database.

features (5).png
Protected Customer Data / Information

Verify your customer's facial attributes to Dukcapil's database.

features (2).png
No Card & Smartphone Needed

Verify your customer's facial attributes to Dukcapil's database.

features (6).png
Prevent Wallet Theft

Verify your customer's facial attributes to Dukcapil's database.

features (3).png
No Password / QR Code / OTP / PIN Required

Verify your customer's facial attributes to Dukcapil's database.

features (7).png
Liveness Detection

Verify your customer's facial attributes to Dukcapil's database.

features (4).png
by others

Verify your customer's facial attributes to Dukcapil's database.

features (8).png
Transaction Activities

Verify your customer's facial attributes to Dukcapil's database.

Analytics That We Use

Analytics 1.png
Face Recognition
Face Liveness
Analytics 2.png
Face Enrollment

For more information about Facial-Recognition Based Payment solution, please download our solution sheet

Product Implementations

Core Banking System
- Fraud prevention
- Risk score
- Identity Validation
- Payment gateway
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