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Face Search

Identified person from 1:N database

Product Description

Vision Artificial Intelligence Analytics Software which provides accurate searching and recognition with search mechanism 1:N. Using Deep Learning Algorithm to enhance the accuracy of facial inferencing, Nodeflux Face Recognition automatically detects facial features and classifies them into known and unknown persons. Results are shown as a similarity percentage between picture received and pictures in databases

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Robust on many scenario condition

Well performed on selfie with hijab or attribute, can verify the selfie with different age condition.

Tolerance to Face Posture

Assures to correctly recognize a face with a particular condition like minor tilt, nod

Identification Capability

Our face identification can be used as an identification system (1-to-many comparison).

How It Works

Input Selfie

User take a selfie to be verified on the system

Data Searching

Get 1:N verification rank suggestion result will be shown

Result Output

Get most similar candidate to decide to pass the verification or not

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