Face Liveness Detection

Face Liveness Detection

Face liveness detection is a must have feature for layered biometric-based verification to increase level of security. IdentifAI performs liveness checks to verify that the selfie is a live photo and detect identity fraud or deep fakes.


Prevent Fraud Potential

Our Face Liveness detection can capture the spoofed image, and ensure the presence of real person who do registration . The system calculates similarity between two face images as the basis authentication.

Face Liveness Key Features

  • IdentifAI Face Liveness Detection has the capability to differentiate real face or spoof in order to prevent fraud to detect print attack, cut attack, 2D mask attack made by paper, 3D mask attack made by resin

  • It’s integrated with auto-rotation system in order to fix mis orientation

  • General accuracy on the test dataset reach 92.89 ~97.21 %



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About IdentifAI

IdentifAI is one of Nodeflux product lines that strives to deliver AI-based solutions for better electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) process.