Dukcapil Validation

Dukcapil Validation

IdentifAI Dukcapil Validation aims to validate the facial biometric identity of an individual through the National ID Database (Dukcapil). We are able to do this thanks to our cutting-edge technology and Agreement with Indonesia's Ministry of Home Affairs who oversees the National ID Database.


Minimize Fraud Potential

Using face biometrics identification, the captured real face image will be matched with the registered face in the database. The system calculates similarity between two face images as the basis authentication.

IdentifAI Dukcapil Validation Key Technology Platform

  • Face Match [1:1]. Comparing two photos that contain facial biometric information, through AI and Face Recognition Technology, we are able to define their level of similarities.

  • Data Privacy. Our computational platform for face-matching is operated on-premise in Dukcapil's environment.

  • Regulation Compliance. The Shared-Platform (Platform Bersama) is an interface managed by the appointed agency (where Nodeflux is one of the appointees) and served as a bridge in validating the data to Dukcapil's National ID Database.



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About IdentifAI

IdentifAI is one of Nodeflux product lines that strives to deliver AI-based solutions for better electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) process.