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Platform Bersama

A platform to validate customer's identity by comparing the selfie with the face biometric similarity to Dukcapil Data. The goal is to minimize fraud risk.

Platform Bersama

Nodeflux is one of the operators of Dukcapil's "Platform Bersama" (stated in Dukcapil Agreement No. 119/10842/DUKCAPIL). IdentifAI Dukcapil Validation aims to validate the facial biometric identity of an individual through the National ID Database (Dukcapil). We are able to do this thanks to our cutting-edge technology and Agreement with Indonesia's Ministry of Home Affairs who oversees the National ID Database.

Platform Bersama.png

Face Biometric Verification
Dukcapil Database

DUKCAPIL - Face Biometric Verification.png
Verify The Selfie with Paired NIK

Check the similarity of selfie and NIK on Dukcapil to determine whether it belongs to the same person.

Capable for Detecting
Low Quality Image

Check the image quality input from the selfie to minimize wrong rejection

Robust on Face Verification
with Attribute

Robust on face verification with attribute, age difference

How Face Biometric Verification
Dukcapil Database Works

DUKCAPIL - How Face Biometric Verification Works.png
DUKCAPIL - Image 3 - a.png
DUKCAPIL - Image 3 - a.png
DUKCAPIL - Image 3 - a.png

Customer takes selfie

Data is sent to Dukcapil Gateway through IdentifAI

IdentifAI face match verification engine on Dukcapil will validate the compared face

IdentifAI passing the face match result

DUKCAPIL - Minimize Fraud Potensial.png

Minimize Fraud Potential

Using face biometrics identification, the captured real face image will be matched with the registered face in the database. The system calculates similarity between two face images as the basis authentication.

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