Face Search

Identify your customers more accurately through a trusted database. IdentifAI Face Search automatically detects facial features and classifies them into known and unknown people. Results are displayed as a percentage of similarity between the received image and the image in the database.

Identified Person From 1:N Database

Nodeflux Face Search is  analytics software which provides accurate searching and recognition with search mechanism 1:N and capable of analyzing various scenarios

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Robust on Many Scenario Condition

Well performed on selfie with hijab or attribute, can verify the selfie with different age condition.

Tolerance to Face Posture

Assures to correctly recognize a face with a particular condition like minor tilt, nod

Identification Capability

Our face identification can be used as an identification system (1-to-many comparison).

How it Works

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Selfie is sent to the system

Image processed to Nodeflux Cloud

1:N verification rank suggestion result will be shown

Client can decide most higher similarity score and mostly matching data

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High Accuracy for Better Identification

We understand that identification is crucial in your business. Therefore, our face search has an accuracy of 96% with various tolerances for posture and facial attributes so as to produce valid data to support your business processes to be more seamless.

Providing the Best Customer Experience in Various Scenarios

No need to worry about facial attributes, especially hijab. Our Face Search has been designed to be able to identify customers who use hijab so as to provide a seamless customer experience and help you acquire customers quickly and precisely.

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